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    Rares Hornet

    I was looking at the mc-lag HLD on the azure github repo and I'm not sure if I understand correctly but this might not be implemented?!


    4. Design considerations

    • MCLAG domain consists of only two systems.
    • Each system only join one MC-LAG domain
    • Supports Known Unicast and BUM traffic
    • L3 interface on MLAG ports will have vMAC generated from VRRP algorithm using the same IP address assigned to the L3 LIF (logical interface);(Not supported currently)
    • ARP reply and ND advertisement packet sync-up between MC-LAG peers
    • FDB sync-up between MC-LAG peers
    • Support pure L2 MC-LAG port and MC-LAG L3 routed port or MC-LAG L2 port joining L3 vlan interface

    [caveat: vlan interface does not go down when the last port in the vlan goes down, need further discussion in the community with regarding the 1Q or 1D model]

    The features below are not supported currently, may provide solutions in future releases.

    • More consistency checking, both between peer switches and MLAG port channels configured on the switches, e.g. port speed configuration
    • Peer-link with a detection mechanism, and with robust "split brain" detection
    • Configurable peer master/slave roles for the peer switches
    • VRRP/VARP for active/active gateway redundancy
    • Add feature support across MLAGs (e.g. STP, IGMP snooping, DHCP Relay)
    • Make sure isolation ACL is installed in the ASIC table before MCLAG enabled portchannel is active



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