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  • UW-Stout_Mathias Ahman

    Hi, EdgeCore community. I have a question that I hope someone can have an answer for.

    I'm having my Edgecore 4610 54P switch. My goal is to by only using Open Source software to have my switch be able to do Layer 2/3 functionalities. However, I keep running into issues whereas I'm not able to get any ports besides the Management port to be able to communicate. Here's what I've been doing so far: 

    I'm currently running ONL 3.2.98 version, have Quagga installed and running Zebra as my software Layer 3 option. However, I can't get any ports to even communicate and trying to set up an interface in Zebra I don't get anything to activate. 

    Initially, I can't find a solution to bring a port up and forward any traffic. What are the ports names on the Edgecore switch? 

    If anyone knows, appreciate all help.

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